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Regular Shares

Regular shares are a day-of-deposit, day-of-withdrawal savings account. Minimum share balance to be a member of the Credit Union is $5.00.

High Yield Share Account

High Yield Shares are similar to a bank money market savings account. The minimum deposit is $2500.00 and shares earn a competitive rate in a day-of-deposit, day-of-withdrawal account. Your money is available to you without the time constraints and early withdrawal penalties of certificates of deposit.

Share Draft(checking account)

No monthly fees. No minimum balance (other than your $5 membership share). No per check charges. Free VISA Debit Card. Free online Bill Pay. Free ATM use at any Pathfinder or Money Pass ATM. Ask about overdraft. Free basic checks for retirees.

Summer Savings Shares

Save in this account during the school year to provide yourself with income during the summer months. We will automatically send you a check from this account every two weeks over the course of the summer (5 checks total). It’s almost like being paid year round.

Christmas Savings Shares

Save over the course of the year in preparation for Holiday expenditures. We will mail you a check for the balance of your savings in October, and because you planned ahead, you won’t be looking at those big credit card bills to start off the new year.

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